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Clinical Modelling Using Open Architecture

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  • QR Codes for Medical Devices

    2D barcodes are used on the packaging of healthcare devices. Using a combination of a 2D barcode, a URL and an openAPI, we can return important device properties that can be persisted in an EHR.

  • Invasive Devices on FHIR

    Invasive Devices on FHIR

    The SCATA Open Standards Working Group met early in 2022 to discuss Martin Hurrell’s proposal to enlist the help of the HL7 Devices group to author a FHIR Implementation Guide for the intraoperative phase of anaesthesia, based on his domain analysis model. This will be a challenging piece of work for a number of reasons.…

  • Introduction to Clinical Modelling

    If you’re interested in how clinical information is organised, categorised and structured, a great place to start is Larry Weed’s 1971 lecture on problem-oriented medical records. Larry may have been the first clinician to understand the challenges and to propose solutions. Almost half a century later, we are still grappling with them. Should a clinic…